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Frequently Asked Questions


Texas Homeland Security & Sound has compiled the following FAQs to better help you with your system.


If you can't find the information you need on this page, feel free to contact us and a customer service representative will be more than glad to help you. You can also submit a question via our eContact Form, or submit a Service Request.


For Topics Related to First Alert/Honeywell/Ademco Systems, See The Questions Below
For DSC Systems Trouble Light (Yellow Problem Light), See The Troubleshooting Guide


Keypad / Control Panel Questions

My keypad says “FC”... what does this mean?


"FC" is an error code indicating that your security system is having trouble communicating with our Monitoring Center through the phone line (literally "failed communication"). To remedy this issue try the following:


  • Make sure you have a dial tone on your landline phones. If your phone service is not working, your security system will likely not be able to communicate.
  • Check to ensure that your security system is connected to the phone line. You will need to locate the phone line connection, in or around your security system panel.


My keypad says “CA”... what does this mean?


"CA" means cancel. It simply means that a command was cancelled—everything should continue to work normally.


My keypad says “BF”... what does this mean?


"BF" (which also looks like "6F" on some keypads) is an error code indicating that your wireless GSM unit may not be communicating with a wireless tower. Please contact us and we can assist you to assure that your GSM unit properly reconnects to a tower.


My keypad says “NO AC”... what does this mean?


"NO AC" basically means the system is not getting AC power. An alarm panel will normally display this message when the system has lost electrical current. The outlet to which the panel is connected should be checked to verify that it is operational. If the outlet is working properly, a service call will be needed.


My keypad says “BAT” or “battery”... what does this mean?


This message can be caused by a power outage, flipped breakers, or your system may have been unplugged. Your keypad may continue to display the same message even after power has been restored. If the message remains on your display after 72 hours, please contact us for assistance on changing the battery. Please note: We recommend batteries be changed every 3-5 years, even if you have not had any electrical issues, to keep your system at optimum operation.


My keypad is displaying a number... what does this mean?


On most systems, numbers represent corresponding sensors that are not ready to be armed. You can usually clear numbers from your keypad by double checking all of your monitored doors and windows. Note: If your keypad displays a number and "BAT" or "Battery," this means that you have a sensor with a low battery (the number corresponds to the indicated sensor).


My alarm went off today and now when I try to arm it, it won't let me.


Your alarm is programmed to do this to ensure that you know what sensor triggered the alarm to go off. To clear it out, enter your 4 digit code followed by "off" or the number 1 twice in a row. After this, you should be able to arm the system.


My alarm used to chime or ding when a door was opened and now it doesn't.


Try entering your 4 digit code and then the number 9; test by opening a door to check if the chime sounds. If this manuever does not work, please contact us.


There is no power to my keypad. What do I do?


Check to make sure the transformer is plugged into the designated outlet or contact us to schedule a technician to check your system.

Service Questions

How can I request service on my system?


You can use our Service Request Form for non-urgent issues, or you can call our office at 806.771.6810 and we will be glad to assist you. Note: If your issue is urgent, please call us rather than submitting an electronic request through our website.


Do I need a landline for my system?


Most modern security systems have the ability to communicate with our Monitoring Center without the need for landline phone service (Learn More ). Systems without built-in wireless communication can often be upgraded with additional equipment to gain that ability. Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to discuss the options with you.


What should I do if I've changed phone providers?


Please contact us so that we can conduct tests to assure your system is communicating properly (conducting these tests is strongly advised). If you have questions about whether or not a particular provider you are considering will work with your alarm, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


Who/where is the monitoring station for my alarm system?


Southwest Dispatch, located in Richardson, Texas. Questions can be directed to the customer support number at 800.683.6773, or feel to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Account Questions

How do I make changes to my account?


Please contact our office at 806.771.6810. Please have your account information and your password ready to authorize the changes, and a customer service representative will be glad to help you.