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Call Now 806.771.6810

Midland Area  432.250.4062
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Camera Systems


With a camera system, you are better able to protect your home or business... modern technology gives you the advantage.


Whether known as "security cameras," "CCTV," or "video surveillance," a camera system has one objective—to help you monitor your home or business, and give you the protection you need. We have long-term experience in designing and installing video surveillance systems for home owners and businesses. When coupled with our other products (such as intrusion/fire alarms), you gain the benefit of a comprehensive, professionally installed system.


We can handle everything from planning and installation, and will provide orientation to using your new system (including remote access via a web browser or smart phone—modern technology lets you connect practically anywhere when you're on the go).


Complete Flexibility

Whether for home, small business, or large enterprise, we understand the value of a competent camera system and will tailor your system to your specific needs.


Security Camera

We will evaluate your surveillance needs, design a system tailored for you, and handle all installation steps, followed by training on how to operate your new video system. We can implement a variety of camera solutions—hidden, dome, exterior, and motorized cameras are just a few of the options.


As always, our services are discreet, professional, and licensed, and you can be assured of top-flight customer service throughout.


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DVR—Digital Video Recorder

The DVR is the vigilant sentinel of your system, recording the footage captured by the connected cameras, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The DVR component of a camera system integrates all the components together, and records the images captured by the connected cameras. Since DVRs are digital (hence the first part of their name), there are no tapes or cartridges to hassle with... everything is stored on the DVR's harddrive, so playing back recorded footage is a snap. Plus, our DVRs allow you to connect remotely to your system wherever there is an Internet connection (e.g., desktop computer, tablet or smartphone device).


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